Going Green

It is a while since I blogged. We have had a busy extended summer at the Continental. The Northland weather has been exceptional, and the pool, spa and BBQ have been in high demand. Now of course the weather is cooler – the spa still in demand and the heat pumps keeping everyone toasty warm.

It is also time for some autumn cleaning and maintenance, shampooing carpets and painting. At the Continental we are always striving to present the nicest rooms possible so that guests feel comfortable and at home on arrival.

One of our latest initiatives is to get the motel operating as ecologically friendly as possible. It is not enough for our signage and colour scheme to be green. We want to be green in as many aspects of operation as possible.

For some time now we have bottled our own milk saving many plastic bottles needing to be discarded. Recently we invested in towels that took a third less energy to dry. We are looking at every aspect of our operation to see where we can lessen our footprint on the planet.

We know our guests are also eco conscious and we want to encourage and make it easy for them to continue their good habits. Our new recycling bins are one simple way to make this possible.

The Continental is a great place to stay, offering exceptional service. Myself and David are passionate about looking after our guests and the wonderful presentation of our accommodation. For families, corporates, trades people, tourists and sports groups we offer great value. For the best deals and personal service book direct with us. We look forward to your visit.

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